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ADANI people are not satisfied with the current state-of-the-art with regards to radiation safety in the field of X-ray imaging in particular and ionizing radiation based imaging systems in general. The effects of ionizing radiation on the environment and human health today are uneccessarily destructive. When developing new products and devices, ADANI reilies on safe, innovation technology that allows for reduction of the radiation dose utilized and thus the harmful effects of medical X-radiation on the patient. The utilization of these innovative methods provides a drastic reduction in the radiation exposure to both patient and staff while maintaining the high diagnostic quality of the digital X-ray image that medical X-ray imaging demands. These reductions in radiation profile are often greater than ten fold and provide for the creation of a new radiation safety standard.

Since 1996, ADANI has been successfully developing innovative scanning technologies in the field of digital X-ray equipment both for medical and special purposes (including NDT applications). The technologies are based on original developments of digital X-ray imaging scanning receivers with optimal price-to-quality ratios and include the patented DRS ZoomVision system.

The ADANI offers complex technical solutions that ensure safety and have created an entire spectrum of Specialized Digital X-RAY Scanners for different applications that include:

  • Personal security inspection
  • Inspection of hand and other luggage
  • Inspection of aviation containers
  • Inspection of trucks and cars
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